Galaxy Watch 4 Custom Notification

Like your Smartphone you can get every notification that comes to your Smartphone on your Galaxy Watch but in today’s guide I will show you how on do Galaxy Watch 4 Custom Notification.

Bear in mind this will also work on newer or older devices such as the Galaxy Watch 5,3 and so on. This is a must know feature for your Galaxy Watch.

What you will be doing?

What you will be doing is essentially choosing what Notifications are shown on your Galaxy Watch. There are so many Notifications you can get but you can choose the important ones only to come through such as: Security Camera Alerts, Messages, Whatsapp Texts, Calls, Emails and so on.

This way you will not miss any important notifications that you may really need to see. Trust me this is a must do in terms of your Galaxy wactch.

Video Guide

To make things easier I have created this video guide to help you out.

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How to Customize Notifications on Galaxy Watch?

This will work on any Samsung Galaxy Watch

1.Launch the App Galaxy Wearable.

2.Choose Watch Settings.

3.Click Notifications and then App Notifications.

4.Choose the Apps you want Notifications from by toggling or turning them on.

The best part about this is that you only turn on the important Apps and you can review the ones that are on by default.

So how do you like this feature and did you find it useful? Please let us know in the comments below and do check out other articles as well.

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