How to place your Samsung Phone in Maintenance Mode?

So you are about to take your phone in for repair but you don’t want anyone to be able to see your Pictures, have access to your accounts and be messing with your phone while its being repaired.

In the past you would have to wipe your device, remove certain sensitive personal pictures and so on before taking your device to the repair shop. But now you have Maintenance Mode.

With this mode all your personal pictures, data, Apps and so on are hidden and the repair person can do their thing, have access to the phone and even install there own apps without affecting your personal stuff.

Can I use this mode for other things?

The mode is meant for repairs but it could be used for other cases where you want to hand over your phone and not allow another person to access your personal stuff.

What is Maintenance Mode Exactly?

Maintenance mode protects your privacy while someone else is using your phone, such as when you’re sending it for repair.

In maintenance mode, your personal data, including pictures, messages, and accounts, cant be accessed, and only preinstalled apps are available.You will need to unlock your phone to turn off maintenance mode. When you do, everything will go back to the way it was when maintenance mode was first turned on. Changes made while maintenance mode is on, such as downloaded data, installed apps, or settings changes, aren’t saved.

Video Tutorial

Watch the guide and see for yourself how to place your phone in Maintenance Mode.

How to Place your device in Maintenance Mode?

This should work for Any Samsung phone or other device you have with Maintenance Mode.

1.Go to your settings.

2.Scroll down to :Battery and device care.

3.Select Maintenance Mode and turn on the feature.

4.After restarting choose switch to Maintenance Mode.

There You go you are now in Maintenance mode and from here all you have to do is send your device for repair and exit the mode when you get your device back. To learn to exit Maintenance Mode click here.

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