How to Set time limits on Apps iPhone

There is a way on IOS especially on the iPhone where you can set time limits on Apps. This way you can set limits so you don’t over indulge on a daily basis.

You can also set this time limit for kids as well. This can be the perfect way to manage kids social media activity or yours. This guide will show you How to Set time limits on Apps iPhone or iPad.

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How to set time Limit on Apps IOS

In order to set a time limit on a App go ahead and go to

1.Go to your settings.

2.Now click on Screen Time.

3. Now go to App Limits and add Limits.

4.Now select a category of App. For example if you wanted to place a limit on Instagram you would have to go to: Social, then Instagram and select it.

Click next upper right, set limit in hours or minutes for the day and click Add.

That’s it you can come back into this setting and add additional apps as you like. Limits only start to count when you open the App and actually use it.

How to Remove a Time Limit on a App?

To remove a time limit that has been set you will need to :

1.Go back to settings, Screen time, App Limits.

2.Now you can turn the feature off all together with the App Limits toggle.


3.Select the Specific App by Name by clicking it from the list.

4.Go ahead and delete the limit for that specific Limit at the bottom of the screen.

Password Secure the setting:

For kids when you set a limit it will be no use unless you set a password that prevents them from bypassing the limit unless they know the password.

1.Go to settings, Screen Time and select: Use Screen Time Passcode.

2.Now when prompted set the code you want and you will need to enter your apple ID and password as well to activate in case you forget the password you have set.

That’s it with the password set you will need to enter it when making any changes or trying to make changes to any time Limit.

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