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So your Kids got a brand new Apple iPhone or Tablet and you want to be better able to control what they watch, listen to and search online. You don’t want them consuming anything they find online.

That’s where Content & Privacy Restrictions come into play.This feature is perfect for controlling everything your kids do on their devices. You can even set it on your device if they use them.

You can block movies based on PG rating, prevent them listening to explicit songs, block unhealthy websites and even prevent certain keywords they may search for. I show you how to do this and more below.

What devices will this work on?

This one will work on the iPhone or other IOS devices such as the iPad as well.

Video Guide:

Watch my Video guide on how to setup this feature on your IOS devices from Apple.

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How to set Content & Privacy Restrictions?

In order to learn How to Set Content and Privacy Restrictions do the following:

1.Go to your settings.

2.Now click on Screen time.

3.Now click on : Use Screen time Passcode. Set a password and associate your apple ID to complete. This is so kids cant make changes to your settings unless they have the password (Don’t Forge your Password).

4.Next go to content & Privacy Restrictions and toggle the feature on.

5. Notice you can control almost everything your kids access on your device. The most important setting is : Content Restrictions.

6.Now click on Movies and set the PG rating according to the age of your child, Do the same for Apps Note all apps that’s already installed that above the limit in age will disappear until you turn the feature off.

Go to Music, Podcasts and News and you can set it to clean. For Web content you can customize to website you allow or block adult websites.

You can look through all the different headings and make changes as you see fit. Please note you can test the settings after setting your limits. The trick is to think like your kids.

Before you Go

I do hope the setting for Content & Privacy restriction was to your liking. The setting is very extensive and it would be impossible to cover everything it can do. You can take your time and make adjustments over time according to your needs.

Remember you can also turn the feature off all together or bypass the restrictions should you need to as you have the password. Please share this, ask your comments below and please check out more of my content.

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