How to use Green Screen on TikTok

The TikTok App has a very cool Green Screen that can be used to replace your background. Best part is that you do not need any specialized equipment as your phone can easily remove your background and replace it with a picture or something of your choice including text.

You should definitely use this effect as it can really enhance your TikToks and make your audience love your content even more than ever.

I personally love this feature and would definitely recommend that you use it or check it out.

Supported Devices:

This cool Green Screen technology works on Android as well as iOS devices which includes the iPhone and iPad respectively.

A Video Tutorial to make things easier:

Here is my Video tutorial to show you how to use the feature or my attempt at showing you how lol, enjoy.

Click Play

How to Find and Use Green Screen on TikTok?

1.Launch the TikTok App.

2.Click the + icon bottom center.

3.Now click on Effects bottom left of the screen.

4.Now under trending look for a icon that looks like a general picture depiction with a white arrow pointing down and click it. The feature can also be found under the Interactive Tab of your effects.

5.The default background will load. Now you can easily select a picture from your gallery by clicking on any from the upper most row below the preview window.

Or you can click the Plus to load a picture from your entire Gallery.

6.When satisfied click the preview window to see the full screen and you can click record when desired.

Before you Go

That’s how I use the Green Screen on TikTok and you can now use it as well.You can also share this with your friend that loves TikTok to take their videos to another level.

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