Verify its You YouTube Fix

Its my hope that this article will be a useful resource for those Facing the Verify its You YouTube message. Every situation is different and you may find that your situation is exactly as described here or a bit different.

Regardless this article should be able to help you out or point you in the right direction at least.

The Error or Message:

The message reads on YouTube when it usually pops up out of the blue.

Verify it’s You

You are making important changes to your YouTube Channel. Completing this extra step will keep your data safe by making sure it’s really you.

What Does the Message mean?

Based on what I have seen its seems the message is a safety check that implemented to make sure its you that’s using your account. Its there in prevent someone taking over your account.

In terms of what triggers it exactly I cant say exactly. If you are getting the message or getting it constantly a number of factors may trigger it off such as recent major changes to your channel on YouTube and so on.

Video Tutorial:

See the Video tutorial below for what to do in detail.

Click Play

How to Fix the Verify it’s You Pop-up YouTube?

1.In most cases click Proceed and depending on your setup Google will ask for your Password and use a chosen verification with your mobile device in some cases.

2.If you are getting a error on the verification Page or it not coming up as it should. Then go ahead and clear the cache of the browser you are in. For each browser its different.

Usually going to settings on your browser and a security and privacy Tab under setting and looking for the option to clear cookies and or browser history should do it.

You can also use a third party cleaning software in some situation to clear your browser to make things easier.

3.Try switching Internet connections and see if that helps as well. Its also a good idea that the connection you are on is secure and not compromised.

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions then ask them below please. Also see more articles on this and similar problems right now.

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