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So your Macbook was a dream as it was very fast when you first got it. A few months in and you now realize that your Macbook running slow. Well in such cases this guide will shed light on the matter and guide you through what you can do to fix it.

After all the last thing you need is a slow Mac. No one wants that after all, you need your computer to be really responsive and snappy versus being slow and freezing all the time.

What devices does this Apply to?

You can apply these tips to any new or old Macbook that you own. These tips will also work with the latest Macbook M1 devices. In such cases feel free to to try the tips out.

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How to Fix a Slow Macbook?

So here is how to fix a slow Macbook

1.Go ahead and reboot your device or to be more specific shutdown completely and stop running apps from starting up next time you boot or do a cold boot.

2.Click Apple logo and go into About this Mac and look at your storage. Make sure you have at least a quarter of the storage remaining. If you are in the red this can slow down your device, in such a case deleted some apps, videos and pictures to free up space.

3.Check for update for your Mac and make sure it kept up to date. If its too slow it might be something updates can fix. Also launch the App store and update your Apps a outdated App can also cause such issues.

4.Remove files and shortcut from your desktop as these can cause slow down. A clean desktop is always preferred and makes things run smoothly.

5.Install a Antivirus and make sure its updated and do a scan if you don’t have one already. Having a Antivirus and scanning on the regular can help remove malware that might be slowing down your Macbook.

6.Close open Apps, if you have lots of Apps open that you don’t close this can use up resources and slow down your Mac. If you have a browser with several Tabs open at once this takes RAM and can really slow down your device so close those extra Tabs in browser and Apps.

7.Get a cleaner App and clean your Mac which should free up resources and you should see a noticeable difference. This is optional as you can most likely do what these Apps do yourself such as clearing browser cache, closing background Apps and more.

8. Finally click on the Apple logo, click force quit and then close all the Apps that are open especially so if there are a lot of open ones.

Before You Go

I do hope you found the guide useful and enlightening. All devices slow down over time you only need to keep these tips in the back of your mind as they will help you in speeding your device up and bringing things to normal again.

Please share the guide and comment below as always, until next time.

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  • Rob S.

    If a Macbook is running slow, it could be due to diffeent reasons. Whether it’s the system itself being old, a lack of hard drive space, or what have you, it may be in one’s best interest to contact a specialist to learn more.