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So you are out and you take a picture with your iPhone and moments later you get a call from home asking what are you doing at that place you said you were not supposed to go.

lol the above was a made up situation but if you are not aware your pictures can be uploaded to iCloud and show up on your other devices such as your Macbook or iPad.

This is cool for convenience but it can really complicate things when you forget this and take a picture only to reveal to someone back home were you are and what you are doing. Then it becomes a problem. My article will show you how to turn the feature off now.

What devices will this apply to?

This guide applies to the iPhone and your Macbook and can also apply to other Apple devices such as your iPad and so on.

Video Tutorial

See for yourself in my video tutorial that shows everything you need to know step by step.

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How to stop your Photos syncing from your iPhone to Your Macbook?

I suggest that you do the following

1.On your iPhone go to settings.

2.Next go to Photos.

3.Now disable iCloud Photos

That’s it new pictures will not be uploaded to iCloud and will not be synced to your Macbook or other devices unless you turn the feature back on.

You Know the drill

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