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Lets begin by showing you How to Remove Your Phone Number from TikTok. This may be the case as you associated your number and want it removed for some reason but cant figure out how.

So if you have the TikTok App on iPhone or Android device this will work on either device.

How to remove your Number?

1.Launch the TikTok App.

2.Go to your profile lower right by clicking the Me button.

3.Click the three dots upper right to go to settings.

4.Select Manage Account.

5.Now click on phone Number. Verify your phone number with the code to change it. You can now associate a new number or one that’s a place holder.

You can use a App from the App store that allows texting and calls or something similar. You can even use a secondary number or friends number if its suitable.

Bear in mind though that TikTok may use the number for you to verify its you so make sure the number given is still accessible to you.

If A Video tutorial is more your Style

In case you like a video tutorial instead to show what to do in detail then watch this video.

Click Play

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One thought on “How to Remove Your Phone Number from TikTok

  • Rob S.

    Good tip to know in case one were to have to remove personal information from their TikTok account. Given how many social media services don’t make this information clear, it’s good to see resources like this at play.