Tracking Auto Focus Greyed Out Fix

I recently noticed that my camera was not performing as it normally would. Images were out of focus and on checking My camera settings I noticed that Tracking Auto Focus Greyed out.

This is not normal as I was unable to turn it on the Tracking Auto Focus as I am normally able to. I immediately knew something was wrong and decided to go about dealing with it.

What devices does this apply to?

This can happen on any Android or Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. This can include devices such as the Galaxy S10,Galaxy S20,Galaxy S21 and much more.

How to Fix Tracking Auto Focus Greyed Out Problem?

To fix this problem simply go ahead and

1.Launch the Camera.

2.Click the gear icon in the upper left of the screen.

3.Scroll all the way down and select:Reset settings and click reset again. Don’t worry your pictures will be fine this only reset camera settings.

4.Close the camera in the background and open it again or reboot the phone and

5.Go back to camera then settings and try to turn on Tracking Auto Focus.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video and see how to fix this problem.

Click Play

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