How to Customize Your Safari Homepage

Did you know you can customize Your Safari Homepage? yes you as we have outlined it in this guide on How to Customize Your Safari Homepage. Learn to make your Safari Homepage look the way you like with unique customization’s.

You will arrange stuff the way you love it, add backgrounds and rearrange things and more. Trust me you will love this guide as these things are a must know for Big Sur 11.3 and above on your Macbook Pro or Air.

What devices will this work on?

As mentioned this should work on just about any Macbook Air or Pro, especially those running Big Sur 11.3 and above for the most part.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video below and see how to do this and more of your Macbook with Safari.

Click Play

How its all done?

1.Go ahead and launch and open a new Tab to see the Homepage if its not already shown.

2.To customize the Homepage go ahead and click the controls like panel or button in the lower right.

3.Uncheck any of panels features shown and see it be added or remove live from the Homepage.

4.Click and drag any feature in the panel to move its position.

5.Low at the bottom of the panel to choose a background for the Homepage or click plus to see more options.

That’s it you can organize your Homepage to your liking and have fun. Please share, comment and check out some more articles. I would greatly appreciate that.

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