How to Change Safari Wallpaper

This guide will show you How to Change Safari Wallpaper on your Macbook. This is a great way to make your Browser look really good on the Homepage or start page by adding some personality and making yours look different from all the rest.

You can add one of the default abstract wallpapers, a default picture or one of your choosing that you download online.The possibilities are endless with this one and your Macbook air or pro and even other devices.

Video Tutorial:

This is my video guide to demonstrate what to do in order to change your Safari Wallpaper. Feel free to check it out or continue reading .

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How to Change your Safari Wallpaper?

So in order to change the wallpaper on safari.

1.Launch Safari and if the start page does not show open a new tab.

2.Click the settings button or icon in the lower right.

3.Click one of the sample images at the bottom of the screen to add or hit the plus to choose one of your default images. You can also browse to downloads and set a downloaded wallpaper from the internet as well.

4.To remove a existing wallpaper on the settings page uncheck wallpaper.

That’s it for how to easily set a wallpaper on Safari, please share with some friends so they can too personalize their browser. Thanks again and please check some more articles.

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