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Did you recently connect your phone to a charge and you got a error that you never saw before that said:Check your Charger Connection on your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

Many users get this error for the first time and have no clue what to do to fix it or even know what it means. The error itself indicates that you should check your charger connection make sure the cable and charger are properly connected.

Still despite this the solution to fix the problem to get rid of the error may not be so obvious.

What Issues does this problem cause?

When you get this error its usually caused by something not being plugged in fully of your charger. Your phone detects the issue as your phone or device is not charging effectively. By fixing the problem your phone will start charging optimally.

Video Guide:

See my video guide that will show you everything you will need to know about this fix.

How to Fix the Issue?

1.Check the USB end that plugs into your adapter and make sure its all the way in.

2.Check the end that connects to your phone and make sure it plugged in fully.

3.Make sure there is no lint or dirt or other obstruction in the USB port of the adapter.

4.Make sure there is no lint, grime or dust or other obstruction in the charge port of your phone.

5.Switch out USB cable or adapter for a new one.

When done correctly the error will go away and your phone will charge fully as it should at the rated speed of the adapter.

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  • Joseph Waldo

    This was worthless. of course that what you should do when you get that error. The problem is that error contionues even after you do the obvious stuff. Master of the obvious Thanks for nothing..