S22 Display going Blank Randomly

This issue is a weird one and one I have to admit I encountered for the first time recently on my S22 Ultra. I see where this could possibly happen on any Samsung device or S22 that you may have.

This can really get in the way as well of you using your device effectively. I hope this article will help you out if you are having issues as well with your device.

The Issue:

So the issue is as described here, the Samsung device such as the S22 will randomly go blank as if the screen timed out. If you press the power/Sleep wake button the phone will wake up again. But it will go blank several times at random requiring the user to wake the device while using it.

Video Tutorial:

The following video tutorial will show you how to deal with the problem and potentially fix it.

Click Play

How to Fix the Problem?

In order to fix the problem please try the following

1.First go to settings, Display and then adjust Screen Timeout to a higher time such as 2 minutes to rule out the screen timeout being set too low.

2.If that did not help go ahead and Power off your phone completely and then once the device power back up the issue should be fixed. In my case this was the solution that fixed my issue fully.

3. You can also try freeing up space on your device and going to settings, Battery and device care and then optimizing your device.

4.You can also go to brightness and try turning off adaptive brightness and any special screen modes such as Eye comfort shield that may be on.

Before You Go

Please take some time and share my guide if it was helpful and please take the time to give your feedback. Thanks again for viewing this article and see you in the next one.

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