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So I recently got my new Galaxy Book Pro, loving it by the way. But one sore point right off the bat was the touchpad which had a annoying accidental click issue. I was able to find a solution which took the touchpad from unusable back to fully functional.

I outline the solution that I found to this problem so that others with this problem can deal with it as well.

The Issue In detail

The issue at hand here is relating to the Galaxy Book Pro where the touchpad cant be used as it accidentally at random clicks stuff. You could be browsing over some pictures, menu options, online content and something will get clicked, selected or dragged.

This makes using the touchpad that’s built into the Galaxy Book Pro impossible to use.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial to see what to do.

Click Play

How to fix this issue?

In order to fix this issue, especially if using a mouse is not a option is to do the following.

1.Go to Windows, settings, Bluetooth & devices,touchpad and the taps.

2.Now set the sensitivity to low.

3.Now for the tip that makes the difference, divide your touchpad into four (4) horizontal parts from the top down (In your head). Now when scrolling only use the lowest quartile.Never go above half the touchpad but keep most of your gestures in the last quartile.

You will notice you can scroll and only when you want stuff will be clicked or selected.

Why does this work?

I have no idea why this touchpad behaves like this. It is however something Samsung should fix as it can or could ruin a otherwise perfect laptop. This can possibly be fixed with a driver update for the touchpad.

You can also use the workaround or stick to a mouse.

Did this Work for you?

I would love your feedback guys please let me know if this worked or not with your Galaxy book Pro.If it did then I would love to hear about your experience in the comments. As always thanks for everything.

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