How to hide Whatsapp Conversation on Android

Want to hide your Whatsapp conversations or chats? It can be done on Android although how to do so is not apparent off the bat like that.

This guide will show you How to hide Whatsapp Conversation on Android.So no need to delete those conversations you want to keep private. Simply keep them hidden or out of sight.

What devices will this work on?

Expect this to work on any Android device you may have. This include devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and more.

Video Guide

This is my video guide that will show you exactly what to do and the step to take to hide your conversation in Whatsapp.

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How to Hide Whatsapp Chats on Android?

In order to hide any Chat on Whatsapp Go ahead and

1.Open the Whatsapp Application.

2.Find a Conversation you want to Hide and long press without opening.

3.A new menu will appear above click the box with the down arrow to archive the post and it will be hidden.

4.In case you want to restore or access hidden chat scroll down to the bottom of your chats and notice a Archived link with a number, click on it. Access your chats there or long press and and click the box with the arrow pointing up to restore the chat easily.

So that’s how you can hide your conversations or chats using the this method as much as you like. Please take the time also and share this guide, comment below and check out more of my guides.

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