JVC TV Sleep Timer

So you decide to watch some TV and the last thing you remember is that you were enjoying the Movie and nodded off. You wake up and its morning and the TV has been running all night wasting power.

You can put a stop to this with sleep timer that’s built into your TV. This guide will show you How to JVC TV Sleep Timer. The whole thing is wonderful and can be setup to turn off the TV after a hour or a set amount of time. If you are still up and need time simply adjust the time easily.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video Guide below and see how its done yourself.

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How to Set Sleep Timer JVC TV

In order to setup the sleep timer

1.On your JVC TV remote press menu.

2.Now go to Time with the symbol of the clock.

3.Now go to sleep timer and using the arrow keys switch from off to a desired time.

You will be warned before the TV turns off in case you are still watching and you can add more time or allow the TV to power off. This way you wont sleep and the TV is on the whole time.

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