How to Use New Samsung Video Player

I am sure you noticed recently that when you go into Gallery on your Samsung Galaxy device that the Video Player has changed. This is really exciting while being scary as you have no clue how some key stuff is done.

This tutorial will walk you through How to Use New Samsung Video Player. Its new and I will show you how to perform key tasks that geared at helping you to master the player.

Video Guide

As always here is my quick guide to run you through the features and show you all you need to do

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How to Use the New Samsung Video Player?

So to use the new Samsung Video Player from Gallery

1.The Speaker icon in the bottom right mutes and unmutes the player.

2.Tap the Time stamp to play and pause.

3.To seek through a video look all the way to the bottom of the screen and tap the small preview with sliding black line to expand. Slide your hand back and forth to move through the video.

4.Controls to edit, delete and share are on the bar all the way at the bottom.

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