How to Uninstall Apps Samsung Smart TV

You may want to uninstall a App from your Samsung Smart TV and find that the location of the Uninstall button is not so obvious. Well this guide is here to remedy that situation as you will learn How to Uninstall Apps Samsung Smart TV.

Please note that not all Apps can be deleted, this includes all the Apps that came preinstalled out the box. Only new Apps or third party ones you installed yourself can be deleted.

Video Guide

Here is a video guide that walks you through the process and makes things that much simpler.

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How to uninstall Apps on your Samsung Smart TV?

Go ahead and do the following

1.Using your remote go to Apps which is the square icon made of four circles.

2.In Apps notice a gear icon in the upper right. Go ahead and click up on the remote and move over and select it.

3.Select any App from the list except those that came preinstalled on your TV and select Delete. This will delete the app.

That’s it you now can also see how much free space is available and what apps you can install accordingly. Please share the guide, comment below with your questions and see even more of my articles.

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