How to turn on Samsung Curved TV without Remote

So you lost the remote for the Millionth time and cant be bothered to find it and want to turn on your Samsung Smart Curved TV. Easier said than done as you cant seem to see any buttons on the thing.

My guide will remedy that by showing you How to turn on Samsung Curved TV without Remote. I will in addition show you how to turn the TV off again without the remote also.

YouTube Video Guide:

So here is my YouTube Video Guide that basically shows you how to do everything I have discussed above. You can also see below the written details.

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Turn on Samsung Curved TV without Remote:

So to turn on your Samsung TV without the remote go ahead and

1.Find a way to look beneath the TV and locate your power button. It should be towards the center beneath the Samsung logo with a red LED beside it. If not it should then be mid way to the left or right of the center either side.

2.Once you find it tap the button twice in succession and wallah the device will power on.

That’s it and you did it with the remote.

Turn Off Samsung Curved TV without Remote:

To turn off the TV once again with the remote is just as easy.

1.Press power to bring up the menu.

2.Each time you press once the selector will move over the options.

3.When its on Power the first option press and hold to select power button to power off your device.

That’s it you are able to power off among other options now with just the TV controls.

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