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So you want to install some new Apps on your Bluesonic Smart TV. Well luckily this TV is Android based so you have plenty of options to install new Apps. My guide will show you exactly How to Install Apps on my Bluesonic Smart TV.

There are more than one option and if you follow the tutorial you will have new Apps installed in no time.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this guide and see for yourself what you can do in order to install new Apps on your Smart TV or manage existing Apps.

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How to Install Apps on Bluesonic Smart TV?

In order to Install Apps on Bluesonic Smart TV do the following

1.Click on Home on your Remote.

2.Go to the Apps section or option.

3.Go to All Apps .

4.To install Apps on this Smart TV go to App Manger, You can also use Aptoid TV or downloads if you have a good APK website to install Android Apps.

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