Inverted Colors iPhone fix

So if your display is looking inverted or showing negative colors or have a inky look like classic negative photos then my guide will show you all you can do to fix it.

At the end of this guide you will be learning about this Inverted Colors iPhone fix.It should solve the problem and return your display to normal and do note there is nothing wrong with your phone display.

Why did this Happen?

There is a good chance that the reason your display became inverted is because the Color Inverted feature was turned on some how. You may be caught in the situation as you have never seen it before and have no clue how to disable the mode.

Video Tutorial:

This is my video tutorial and guide that will show you to fix this problem on your device step by step.

Click Play

How to Fix this issue?

In order to fix this inverted colors issue you will have to do the following

1.Unlock your iPhone or iOS device.

2.Go to your settings.

3.Next choose Accessibility.

4.Now go to Display & Text Size.

5.Finally look for : Classic invert which should be on and turn it off. Another setting may also be on in this setting that may be causing a similar effect so look around at most of the settings in this menu are usually off.

Extra Tip: Smart Invert is less intense and may be also one of the settings that’s on so you may want to check that setting too. Its not super intense but it does may the display look off too.

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