How to Turn off Auto Brightness iPhone

Love it or hate it you will find that Auto brightness is a cool feature on the iPhone. But at times and under certain circumstances its best to manually control your brightness and manually set it yourself.

So this guide will show you how to turn off auto brightness iPhone. Its pretty simple but its one feature you may find trouble figuring out where it is as the exact setting is deep in settings in a way.

Why do this?

Allows you to have exact control over your iPhone or devices brightness which makes things much easier if you don’t want your brightness aromatically adjusting up or down.

How is its Done?

The process is as follows

1.Unlock your iPhone.

2. Next go to Accessibility.

3.Now select Display & Text Size.

4.Scroll all the way down and turn off Auto Brightness. If you get a warning don’t worry you can always turn the feature on once again later.

5.To adjust the brightness go to control center by swiping down upper side of the screen and notice the brightness adjustment slider with the sun looking icon and slider bar showing the current brightness level.

One more thing

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