Amazon Fire Tablet Change Device name

My guide today will show you how to change the Amazon Fire Tablet change Device Name. This is great for marking your own device and also for when you are connected to a network or Bluetooth and so on the personalized name will show up.

Its pretty neat and highly recommended that you do this will all your device especially your Amazon Fire Tablet in Changing Device name.

Why do this?

As mentioned doing this will make your device easier to identify from all others. If a Few Amazon Fire Tablets are in the same area and look the same this is a sure way of telling which ones belong to who. Its recommended you use your Name and something else to identify its a Amazon Fire Tablet.

On a network as well or when casting or connecting to another device you will find that your device is easier to identify as well.

Video Guide:

Below is my video tutorial for this article.

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How to Change Device Name on Amazon Fire Tablet?

In order to change your device name do the following

1.On your device go to settings.

2.Next select Device Options.

3.Click on Change your device Name.Make the changes and save, note you will need a internet connection.

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