Sony TV Black Screen Fix

This is for those with a Sony TV with the Black Screen or Blank screen issue. You may or may not be hearing sound from your device with this problem.

Follow the directions to fully to deal with this problem should you have the problem on a Sony TV. Should work on just about any brand of Sony TV that you have.

Why do this?

With the Black screen problem your TV will be unusable until you finally get the problem resolved as nothing will show on the display. The process is as simple as shown below.

How to Fix the Black Screen Problem?

In order to fix this problem on your Sony TV do the following

1.Go ahead and turn off the TV.

2.Unplug the TV from the wall.

3.Locate the physical power button on the TV and press and hold for a minute with the TV plugged out.

4.Plug in the TV again and try to power it up, this time it should power up display and all. If it does not repeat the above process at least three time.

Additionally you can try the above and leave the TV overnight before trying to power on again or go for a walk.

Video Guide:

See how it done below by watching the video tutorial.

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