Diagnostics Android 12 New Feature

Android 12 on the Samsung Galaxy phones One UI 4 has a very exciting new feature called Diagnostics. The Diagnostics feature allows you to easily test the hardware on your phone.

This is a great feature for troubleshooting and can be used to solve a bunch of issues or identifying faulty components. So join me as I show you this feature and how to use it.

What Can I test with Diagnostics?

You can test through diagnostics the following component of your phone:Battery Status,NFC,SIM Card,SD Card,Power restart status,Official Software, Mobile Network, Sensors, Proximity recognition, Touch Screen, Buttons, Flashlight, Vibration, Camera, Mic,Speaker,Wireless Charging,Cable Charging,USB Connection ,Wired headphones,Fingerprint recognition,Face Recognition,Location Accuracy,Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Video Guide:

Watch my Video Guide below please and see all you can do step by step.

How to Run Android 12 Diagnostics?

On your Samsung Galaxy With Android 12 One UI 4 or higher

1.Go to settings.

2.Now Select Battery and Device Care.

3.Scroll all the way down and select: Diagnostics.

4.Now either select a specific test or do a complete test of all the components.

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