S22,S22 Plus,S22 Ultra Black Screen Fix

This guide will show you S22,S22 Plus,S22 Ultra Black Screen Fix. This issue involves your display being black or Blank and you may only be hearing sounds from your device but nothing on screen.

This is a issue that happens from device to device generation after generation. The problem can also happen at random so bear that in mind.

What devices will this work on?

The Tips here will work on the S22 line of devices and includes any device that you may have such as: S22,S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. I do hope you enjoy the guide and feel free to leave your feedback.

Video Tutorial:

Check out this video tutorial that shows you all the things to try to fix the problem

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How to deal with this Issue?

In order to fix the Black screen issue go ahead and do the following

1.Press and hold volume down and Power. Do this for about 15 seconds and then let go, next press and hold power to power on your device. This is a force reboot and powering on which should help.

2.If the above did not help plug your device into your Laptop or PC and repeat step one above.

3.If that still did not work go ahead and remove your SIM and plug your device into your PC and repeat step one. Chances are one of the above should fix your device.

4.If all else fails try allowing your device to drain completely over a few days and then charging again and powering up.

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