Codnida PTZ Security Camera Review

Needing an upgrade to my security cameras I needed something different that had more range and a wider field of view. I decided on the Codnida PTZ Security Camera which had a variety of features.

This is my review based on this product. Based on my personal use and honest opinions. I also bought this product with my own money so keep that in mind.

What Inside the Box?

Inside the box is the Codnida PTZ Camera, Install Instructions, Mounting Screws and Cap covers for the Network Jack. The box also includes reference to the App and QR code to scan and easy to read product features.

Features of the PTZ Security Camera:

This PTZ Security Camera features HD 1080p Resolution for clear pictures, Color Night Vision, PTZ Control, Two way Audio, Alarm Push,Motion Detection, IP66 Weatherproof and Support TF Card support for recording locally and you also have cloud support as well.

Video Unboxing and Review:

Check out my video that shows whats included with this product and what its like and how it performs. I do hope you enjoy the video tutorial.

Click Play To Watch

My Thoughts on this PTZ Security Camera

More or less this is by far one of the most feature rich cameras I have ever owned. The Codnida PTZ Security Camera is easy to install if you take your time and follow directions. The hardest part of install was drilling the holes to mount the camera which was not too bad.

The camera is very impressive and for the price it cant be beat. The Wide angle lens without even rotating has a very large field of view and covers a very wide area. With proper install it can easily cover an area that would require several cameras. With 2 to three of these place at the right spots you can cover a very large yard.

The software requires a little tweaking in terms of settings to get things to a sweat spot. With a good signal and the right mounted position it will detect human movement.

Note this device is far from perfect and I wished it had a dedicated detection for things such as Cars, Trucks and so on. But that’s minor as it does so much more perfectly and it can hardly disappoint unless you are trying to push this thing to its limits of what a security camera can do.

Why Buy this:

1.Super Wide angle and impressive rotation with 360 degree view.

2.Very Clear High Definition video.

3.Great App and easy install.

4.Very Loud speaker for intercom.

5.Solid Night Vision features.

6.Support for storage to SD card.

Why Skip This?

Object detection needs work as I wish it was more efficient at detecting Cars and trucks or dedicating a mode for detecting them.


This Codnida PTZ Security Camera is a must buy and one of the best options for a IP Security camera with PTZ functionality. I personally think if you have the money you definitely give one of these a try as it can replace at least two or more of your traditional cameras.

The price also makes this a no brainier that will easily be worth it. You cant go wrong if you are looking for a PTZ camera with an option as this one my friend so do check it out for yourself.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase this PTZ Camera here over at Amazon.

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