Cloudedge Turn off Resident Message Service

So in today’s guide I will show you Cloudedge Turn off Resident Message Service. This service usually runs in the Notifications area and cant be cleared away by swiping.

In order to get rid of the Message persistent Cloudedge Resident Message you will have to follow the directions as outlined below.

Do Note?

By turning off Cloudedge Resident Message Service you may get rid of the ugly message in Notifications that cant be removed normally and save on battery power but you will find that you may not get all of your notifications. In some cases the App and notifications will work fine but it does increase the chances of you getting all your notifications.

So do this with that in mind and what your camera is used for.

Video Tutorial:

My Video tutorial will outline all you are to do step by steps and make things easy for you.

Click Play

How to Turn off Resident Message Service Cloudedge?

1.Launch CloudeEdge App.

2.Go to Me bottom right.

3.Next select settings.

4.Go ahead and turn off: Message Service Resident.

That’s it you can now simply close the App and relaunch and notice the Message is gone from the Notification area. Its as easy as that.

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