S22 Shadow and Reflection Eraser

Two of the best features for getting better pictures or touching up shots that you have already taken are: Shadow and Reflection Eraser. These features allows you to remove unwanted reflections and shadows out of your pictures.

This can be the difference between a great picture and a total mess at times. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra or similar device with this feature from Samsung here is how to use it to remove those elements from your pictures.

What devices will this Apply to?

This will apply to the Galaxy S22,S22 Ultra and the S22 Plus along with any other Samsung with a Similar software update with this feature.

Video Tutorial:

Videos makes everything better including directions and explaining things. Go ahead and watch this video tutorial that explains everything for you.

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How to Use the Shadow Eraser and Reflection Eraser S22?

First make sure you have all you need in terms of a picture with Shadows or Reflection.

1.Find the Picture in Gallery.

2.Now tap the picture and click the Pencil icon.

3.Click the three dots lower right and select Object eraser.

4.You can have the Eraser intelligently scan the Picture for Shadows or reflections by click the text option that says Erase Shadow or Erase Reflections. You can also draw a line around the portion you want removed and select Erase or even tap and object and Erase it as shadow or reflection.

5.When Finished hit done and save. You can also come back to the editor and revert your Picture to the original if unsatisfied with the changes.

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