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So a problem that seems to happen at the worst possible time is the problem of your Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra camera not focusing. Its among one of the worst things that can happen when trying to take a picture but fret not as I have some potential solutions to fix this.

Do note that this will work for the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra to name a few. If you also have any other Samsung phone with the latest Android 12 update this should also work especially on devices such as the S21 and so on.

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My guide will show now what you can do and take you through the process as shown in the video or read the directions.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera not Focusing?

In order to fix your phone try the following

1.Open the camera and place the Camera close to an object, a white circle will appear in the lower left. Tap the white circle which will turn yellow, you have just turned on Focus enhancer which should make the camera focus better.

2.Launch the Camera and go to its settings. Now turn on :Tracking Autfocus. Now select a subject and the camera will track it even if it moves keeping it in focus.

3.Clean your Lens with a Micro Fiber lint free cloth.

4.Give your phone a good shake it may help or Tap around the area of the camera with your fingers firmly. As always be careful with your device and do not over do it. Also if that does not work open the camera and while its opening shake the phone up and down side to side, you may need to attempt this a few times.

5.Go to the Camera settings and reset settings in the Camera.

6.From your phone go to settings, Apps and search for Camera and when you find the Camera go to storage and clear cache and reboot your phone. That should fix it, if not go back and also clear data and reboot.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera not Focusing

  • Rodney Gooding

    nothing worked – i felt better doing it but i’m hoping a software update fixes it, it happens most when i’m trying to shoot close up and the camera seems to be slow in taking the photo and it seems that the shutter stays open a little too long but i’m not a photographer or software guy

    • hope712

      I have the Galaxy S9 plus and the camera does the same thing. This has been a known issue for years. I will not purchase another Samsung until this is corrected. You can try holding your phone directly vertical before trying to take the pic. It is the only thing I have found that will help it focus. I think it is something to do with some kind of balancer.

        • Jim

          I have the S20 Ultra and the camera focus is awful. I was considering the S22 Ultra, but no more. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t understand Samsung, it isn’t like they just got into the cell business.