How to Take Good Pictures with Galaxy S22 Ultra 2

In today’s article I will be showing you How to Take Good Pictures with Galaxy S22 Ultra.This is a cool way to take the best possible photos with your S22 especially the S22 Ultra.

I find that when I take pictures using this method you will get really nice balanced pictures that are true to life and very accurate. Doing this is your best bet to getting the best picture possible.

How to Take that perfect Picture on the S22 Ultra?

In order to do this do the following

1.Go and launch your camera.

2.At the top of the screen click the third icon from your right. Switch from 3:4 to 3:4 108 MP.

3.Take your Picture as normal.

4.Select the picture and click the three dots lower right and select: Remaster Picture and notice it will Analise and give you the results. Save the picture or you can revert back later if you wish.

That’s it pretty much, you can now take perfect true life high resolution pictures that look really stunning.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the Video guide and learn how its done step by step.

Click Play

What Did I just Do?

You used the Remaster Picture feature and took pictures at the full 108 Mega Pixels that the S22 is capable of producing. This results in larger pictures with higher resolution and the remastering gives more accurate pictures that look better and natural. .

What do you think?

How well did we do? do you think the Pictures look better or worse? Sound off in the comments and let us know and as always please take the time to share and check out more articles.

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2 thoughts on “How to Take Good Pictures with Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Mark M

    The option to change to 3:4 108MP does not exist. I have found remastering to be worthless. 8 have used it on over 100 photos and they get blurred and colored are washed out.

    • Ricardo Post author

      Well its only a Tip (Some may like it others may not), as for the 3:4 108 MP the pictures are better and sharper resolution but you do pay for it in size of the photos.