Galaxy S22 Ultra Macro Mode

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Macro Mode or Focus Enhancer allows the users to take close up shots of usually small subjects in great detail. This mode will allow you to take very detailed shots that gives so much greater details even on zooming in on the pictures of the subject of your shot.

This mode is not given a dedicated mode but it can be activated and used in Camera if you know how. Best part is its as good as Zoom feature of the S22 Ultra except its not as heavily marketed and a feature you will want to learn to use.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video guide which will walk you through all you should do to use this feature.

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How to use Macro Mode?

In order to use Macro Mode or Focus Enhancer is to.

1.Open your Galaxy S22,S22 Plus,S22 Ultra or Similar Camera.

2.Make sure your are in Photo Mode.

3.Now move close your Subject. Notice two yellow circles in the lower left. Focus Enhancer is now on/Macro Mode. You can easily turn it off if you want by clicking the circles and they will turn to a single white circle.

4.With the two yellow circles on Take your picture and notice that pictures in the output are very detailed and have much more detailed even when you zoom in on the pictures taken.

That’s it very simple. You can now take pictures of smaller objects or subjects with great detail which was impossible on older phones or other devices.

Sample Macro Mode Pictures:

Check out these pictures taken with Macro Mode.

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