Should I Upgrade S10 Plus to S22 Ultra

So the big question for a Galaxy S10 user is usually Should I Upgrade S10 Plus to S22 Ultra? Now this is a great question especially if you have been holding out for a good while. I recently upgraded from the Galaxy S10 Plus to the S22 Ultra and I share my experience here in this guide.

In this post I break down the Pros and Cons of upgrading and weather or not its worth waiting a bit longer or going for a upgrade. The answers may surprise you and I am sure you will agree with the analysis.

What Makes the S22 Ultra Better?

These things are what I love and what attracted me to the S22 Ultra

1.The Zoom Lens is by far my favorite feature. The ability to Zoom far away objects and even the Moon is by far the best feature in my Opinion and it comes in really handy. You can even use this for bird watching around the house.

2.The S Pen is another great feature which adds features from the Note line. Some love it and others hate the S Pen but I find it great for writing Notes, drawing or doodling.

3.The 108 Megapixel Lens takes some really great pictures and makes for really superior photography.

4.The high resolution display is also very nice. You will notice the upgrade right away.

These are by far my favorite things about the S22 Ultra, now for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Video Guide:

Check out my video guide that answers this and other questions you may have on this topic.

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Why Keep the S10 Plus?

The S10 Plus has been champ and has kept pace over the years. Its no slouch ether and I see where as of late there has been a Green Screen issue for many device all of a sudden. Very sus but beside that issue that can be manged its a solid device.

1.I recently Got the One UI 4.1 upgrade for the S10 Plus which makes it run toe for toe in software with the S22 Ultra that has the same software. This adds to the longevity of the device as you have most of the same software features.

2.The S10 Plus still has support for the SD card which is now gone forever on these newer devices.

3.Headphone Jack is still here on the S10 Plus.

4.Heart Rate Scanner here and working if you use it.

5.Overall its held up in battery life and performance over the years. I have nothing bad to say about the S10 Plus as its one of the best phones I have owned and is still going.


I would say If you have been waiting for a worthy successor to your Galaxy SS10 Plus then the S22 Ultra is your phone. The S10 Plus is still holding strong especially with the latest One UI 4.1 update which places it on the same software as the S22 Ultra minus a few features but still a good update.

Software aside this may be a solid chance to hold out until the perfect deal appears on the S22 Ultra which can happen at any time. I love the purchase so far and I have found it really nice to see how far the S22 Ultra has improved since the S10 Plus and waiting this long to upgrade was worth it. So go ahead guys and definitely give this device a serious consideration as your next device of choice.

Where can I buy Mine?

You can purchase your Galaxy S22 Ultra at the link here or simply check the price. Your feedback is also important so us the comments to ask question and I will gladly respond.

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