Instagram Comments Not Showing Fix

In today’s tutorial we will be fixing the issue where Instagram comments not showing. This can happen on a post where there should be comments but for some reason you cannot see them.

I find that this happens on Engaging post where lots of people comment such as a news post or viral post. There are usually comments and it will show none at all or show a fixed number and not all the additional ones added.

Why does this Happen?

The issue seems to be with the Cache of Instagram. At times you are seeing a cached version of a post and it does not update and so there are comments but you cant see them at all. See below for the solution.

Video Guide

My video Guide will show you what to do to fix this.

How to Fix Instagram Comments Not Showing?

In order to fix Instagram comments not not showing try the following that works for me in fixing the issue.

1.Close the Instagram App and go to recent Apps and close it in the background.Launch the App again and it should refresh and show the comments that shows there are none or update with the latest comments.

2.Reboot your phone or power it off totally, on reboot launch the App again and that should do it.

3.Switch Internet connections, if you are on WiFi try Mobile data and that at times solves the problem and comments will load.

4.Go to settings, App, storage and then clear the Cache of your phone and reboot and that should fix it in most cases.

Why did this Work?

You will find that clearing the Cache will work as the reason for not seeing the comments at times is when the App Instagram is relying too much on stored cache and not retrieving the latest version of the post with all the comments. By doing the above you force the App to get the latest version of the Post with all comments or changes.

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