Change the Aspect Ratio of a Photo Android

So you want to learn how to Change the Aspect Ratio of a Photo Android? My guide will show you how to do that exactly to your Images or after you have taken them. I do hope you enjoy the guide and leave your feedback below.

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I have put together this guide and hope you do enjoy it.

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How to Change Aspect Ratio of a Photo?

So here is How its all done

Change Aspect Ratio of a Existing Photo:

1.Open the Photo you want to adjust.

2.Click Edit.

3.Click on Free.

4.Choose a Aspect Ratio of your liking.

5.Click Save when finished.

If you don’t want to keep said Aspect Ratio edit the Picture again and Revert.

Change Aspect Ratio on a Newly Taken Photo:

1.Open the Camera.

2.Look at the top of the camera and click the 4th Icon from the left.

3.Change the Aspect Ratio from 3:4 to any of the options and take your Pic.

That’s about it and I do hope you enjoyed the guide. Give your feedback and feel free to ask question or see one of our other Articles.

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