How to use Samsung Bixby Text Call to Answer Calls Entirely using Voice Assistant

So everyone is worried because due to AI and improvements in Technology anyone may call you, sample your speech and clone your voice. But Samsung finally found a feature that may have users using Bixby for once.

This feature is the Bixby Text Call and once you have a newer Samsung Galaxy you can start using the feature. I love that you can answer a call all without ever speaking and the Voice assistant will ask who is calling and transcribe the entire conversation as the person answers back to you.

Your voice is never used and although you cant hear the person on the other end speak you can find out who they are and what they want and so on.

Questions about Bixby Text Call:

1.Can the calling party hear your voice? No

2.Can you hear the person calling? No what the person says is transcribed to you.

3.Can I type anything? Yes just about anything.

4.What does the person hear on the other end? The person will hear the Bixby default voice or the one you installed speak your text.

5.Who made this feature? The feature is made by Samsung as part of the Bixby Voice assistant.

Video Tutorial

See my video tutorial below that explains how to use the feature and shows you a actual call and how it works.

Click Play

How to use Bixby Text Call Samsung?

To use this feature do the following

1.Go to your dialer.

2.Click the three dots upper right and go to settings.

3.Click: Bixy Text Call.

4.Turn on the feature and install the needed App from the Galaxy Store and download the language pack.

5.Once the feature is on wait for a call and when the call is incoming Click the Bixby text call option.

6.You can now question the caller or wait until the person gives enough answers and you can choose what to do.

Personally I love this feature and its great the person calling cannot hear you. This flips a call on its head especially if a person is calling for nefarious reasons. Definitely try this feature and give your feedback in the comments and do check out some more articles on the website.

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