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how to reset wifi password

How to reset wifi password?

In today’s article I would like to teach you my readers how to reset your WiFi Password so that you may be able to gain access to your WiFi in case your forgot the password in which case I would ask that you try to retrieve the password first using this method and if that’s […]

The Best wireless routers 2015

We recently did a Best wireless router article for last year and while many users found that list very useful and the devices are still relevant as anything in the computer world since then a variety of new products have been release and we would love to update you on the latest addition to the […]

best wireless routers

best wireless router 2014

The Best Wireless Router 2014

So you are in the market again for the best wireless router 2014 has to offer, but what exactly should you consider getting? After all you are looking for maximum bang for your buck and the kind of deals that will leave a permanent smile on your face.So follow BlogTechTips.com as we look at the best […]