Greatshield Shift LX Leather Flip Cover Kickstand case Review

The Greatshield Shift LX Leather Flip cover Kickstand case is quite a mouthful to say the least but it is a premium and affordable case that will house your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 quite nicely.

The” Greatshield kickstand case” which we will be calling this case for short from now on is made from premium synthetic leather which covers the front of the device in the form of a flip cover. The Greatshield Kickstand comes in three (3) key colors of: Red,Blue and black.

The unit which we have bought for this review is the Blue edition as can be seen from our pics and will house your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 quite nicely and if you have missed it you may want to check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is by our view still one of the best smartphones around despite the release of the Note 3.

The one thing that we can say about this case is that it has a touch of elegance and will allow your Note 2 to look quite nice and yet professional. This professional look is quite the plus for your Note 2 as it will allow you to carry it along in a work situation quite comfortably. The input ports are also well cut out and easily accessible through this case and the fact that it is a  flip case that that made out of synthetic leather and plastic means added protection for your expensive device. The case provides both protection for the Super AMOLED screen and back of the Samsung galaxy Note 2. If you are prone to dropping your phone like most users then the housing provides more than apple protection should that unfortunate day come.

Greatshield case Samsung galaxy Note 2

GreatShield SHIFT LX Leather Flip Cover KickStand Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II

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As a bonus the Greatshield case doubles as a kickstand, which means you may mount the device up wright in order to view various multimedia content on your phone when placed flat on a surface for viewing.

Strengths of this Product

1. Provides great protection for your Galaxy Note 2.

2. Looks quite nice and professional.

3. Great cut outs for input ports and button access.

4. Very affordable for what you get.


Weaknesses of the Product

1. Will take you a while to figure out the Kickstand feature.

2. Care must be taken with the front cover or it will fade easily.



If you own or you are thinking of owning a Galaxy Note 2 chances are you will need a premium case that does not require you to break the local bank that not only looks nice but provides solid protection for your Note 2, then do not think twice of getting the GreatShield shift LX Leather Flip Cover kickstand case. Despite the the few flaws of this case its still a great buy as the protection it offers trumps the few drawbacks and best of all if you are worried about the case cover fading then you may simply buy two different colors and and interchange them for a longer lasting aesthetics.

The bottom line is grab this case for the protection it offers at a prices that too good to beat.


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