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With the increased popularity of Android device in the market there comes the issue of users being locked out of there devices due to Too many Pattern attempts or forgotten password. As an Android user myself it’s no easy task staring down the barrel of a on screen warning that you have tried Too many pattern Attempts and that you should use your associated GMail account to unlock.

Frustration tend to set in after this as you realize that you cannot unlock your device as nothing works to regain you access to your device.Worse of all the issue could have been cause by human error or someone playing with your phone.

Well no need to cry over spilt milk, follow us as we provide you with the solution.


What Causes this Issue?


The issue is quite common and is caused by a user forgetting there password or putting in an incorrect pattern too many times. As a note this is not an issue but a security feature to protect your data from those who would try to access it by guessing your password.

What will this Fix or solution do?


Note that this fix will wipe all the data on the phone, however the contents of your Micro SD card will be intact. So if your data on your phones internal memory is too important this method is not for you, but if you can afford to loose the data then go ahead and use the method below.

What device does this Apply to?


This fix applies to all Android devices which includes popular well know brands such as the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones eg. the Samsung Galaxy S3,Galaxy S4 and simpler devices from manufacturers such as Alcatel.


How to RegainΒ AccessΒ to your Android device After too Many Pattern Attempts or Forgotten Password?


unlock android too many pattern attempts

Unlock Any Android phone after Too Many Pattern Attempts or Forgotten Password.

For demonstration purposes we will be using a regular branded Android device but remember this works for all Android phones.

1. Turn off your Android Phone.

2. After the device is fully powered off, power on the device once more by holding down the power button, home button and the volume up key all at once.


If your device does not have a physical home buttonΒ (As our demo device) then simply hold the Volume up and power button (sometimes it requires that you also hold the dedicated camera button).

3. The device should now boot into recovery mode.

Android recovery mode

Android Recovery mode: Select wipe data/Factory reset.


















4. Using the volume up and down buttons navigate through the menu and select: Wipe data or Factory reset, use the power button or home button to select your choice.

5. From the accompanying screen select: Yes wipe all user data and allow the process to complete.

Recover Android too many pattern attempts

Select:Yes-delete all user data.
























6. After the process is complete and you are given the option to reboot, do so and presto after booting up you will have full access to your Android device. If for some reason this did not work for you or your buttons do not work on your device you can try Unlocking your Android device using this software.

Now I am sure you will agree with me that was quite easy and painless. So readers if this tip was at all useful to you take a minute or two and let me know how this worked out for you,best of all you can let someone else know if this works and on what device it worked for you. After all they do say sharing is caring. Also feel free to Subscribe for this and other cool tech tips, the subscription box is in the upper right of the screen if you wish to be kept up to date with our latest and greatest tips.

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