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You Christmas might just come a little early this year with Samsung Galaxy S4 Frost white edition all adorned in white. If you are migrating from an earlier Samsung Android device and looking a worthy successor the Galaxy S4 will not only wow you performance wise, but it will capture your attention with it’s gorgeous display, abundance of features and a premium smart phone feel that places a sense of holding something of great importance in the palm of your hands. A feat that is reserved for the likes of the best devices in the industry.


Why Samsung Galaxy and Specifically the S4?


If you do not know by now Samsung makes some of the greatest premium quality smart phones the industry has to offer and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship device and has the best and latest features rapped and condensed in one of the most feature rich smart device you could ever carry around in your pocket.So go ahead and soak that in for a minute before you continue.

You may be thinking right about now why should I get the Galaxy S4 now that the Galaxy S5 is on the way, think about it, it’s actually the perfect time as the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be better than ever and overall the S4 is still the phone to beat and has the track record to prove it.

I first discovered the Galaxy line of products from the Galaxy S2 after migrating from an iPhone, I was blown away from the first moment with the great features, ease of use and simply unlike my iPhone I was bale to connect my device to my PC and without much hassle move my media back and forth without being tied down to using specific pieces of software or modding my device to have features that should come standard. From then on I have been using Samsung device, more specifically the Galaxy line of smart phones.


samsung galaxy s4 review

Samsung galaxy s4 review-White Frost

Specifications of the Galaxy S4


The Galaxy S4 Features a 5 inch 1080p Super Amoled touch screen capable of a whopping 1920 x 1080 resolution and is constructed from the very durable Gorilla Glass 3 which translates to a device screen that will not scuff, scratch and tarnish easily.The S4 features a 1.9 GHz quad core processor with 2 GB of RAM which is more than enough for the multitasking features of this Android device. Weighing in at just 4.59 ounces the Galaxy S4 is quite light weight and easy on the hands.

One of the most impressive features and improvement of the Galaxy S4 is the rear facing 13 Megapixel camera which is capable of shooting content in full HD. The front facing camera for video conferencing is a mare 2 Megapixels and not overly impressive unless you are one for taking selfies.  The built in storage of this review unit is 16 Gigs and should you need additional storage the expansion Micro SD card slot supports up to a whopping 64 gigs.

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Cool New features


With the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung did not skip on cool and added a whole new set of features which includes Smart Pause that allows gestures based control with the use of your eyes to control the device when viewing multimedia content such as video, simply start to gaze and your device will notice and save you the trouble of pausing your favorite show. Smart scroll also use your your eyes to scroll through pages as you view for example webpages. To top it all off Air gesture allows control of your device without the need to physically touch your device.


Personal Impressions


There is one thing that can be said about Samsung device and that is that they are quite the lookers, so right out of the box you will be impressed with the sleek look of the Galaxy S4. Coming from the S3 you will instantly notice the increase in screen real estate and the lighter feel, somewhat reminiscent of the Galaxy S2 feel but in a larger form factor.If you are new to the Android family and you are feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of features or you simply want a lighter version of the Android OS then you may want to try out the Easy Mode setting. The easy mode is a little too watered down for me but some users may find it enjoyable.


The Pros


1. Improved Camera with greater Mega Pixel count, 13 MP exactly.

2. Larger display with the latest Gorilla Glass.

3. All new Gestures that provide improved control of your device without needing to touch it.

4. More memory and improved processing.

5. Software improvements and more features especially in video recording and picture capturing.


The Cons


1. If you are coming from a older device and you are accustomed to a full sized SIM, the S4 uses a micro SIM so you will have to change your SIM or have your current one cut to size.

2. As with all smart device while the screen may be of Gorilla Glass and scratch resistant you may want to Grab a protective case to protect the rest of the device from nicks and dents.



If you have been holding out for a premium device that virtually does everything you could possibly do today with a smart phone there is no other line of smart device that allows you such freedoms than the Samsung galaxy S4. It’s basically the equivalent of having a PC in your pocket. Long gown are the days of carrying around several device, the Samsung galaxy S4 is the all in one device that simply fascinate you and keep you hooked for days on end.

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