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If you own a Blog or a website you should at least be familiar with Alexa and there ranking system. It’s simple Alexia ranks all known websites with a given number or rank and at any time no two websites can have the same rank so you are constantly competing with other websites for a rank.

You tend to start out in the Millions when your Blog or website is new and as you add content or update the rank falls, the trick is however that you are constantly competing for spots so if you are not growing there will be someone to take your spot and rank.

Now our hope is to highlight ways that you can use to increase your Alexa rank so as to increase your website visibility online, You may check out our rank in the widget that can be found in the right sidebar or you can download the Alexa toolbar to check the rank of this or any other website to see how they stack up to yours.Our rank is always increasing so it might change from time to time.


Why should you care about your Website or Blogs Alexa rank?

It should be the aim and objective of all online website and blog owners to get there Alexia rank under the 100K mark, this is so as other than the fact that this indicates that your website is something of value, it also shows that you update regularly and you are producing unique content. Also Perception is everything on the internet and one of the most reliable ways to know how well a website is doing is through it’s Alexa rank. Some advertisers use your Alexa score sheet as a metric to determine weather or not your website is suitable for there ad placement services so you will be ahead of the game with a impressive rank.

So go ahead and check your websites Alexa rank, if it’s in the Millions then you have not even begun to make a dent in comparison to the millions of other websites that exist. Knowing about Alexia and aiming to improve your rank by creating good and engaging content is a ideal way to climb the ranks and attain a place that suitable for your website on the web. Best of all you can display the Alexa badge as a symbol of pride so your visitors can see.


How to increase your Alexa Rank dramatically?


Verify Blog without Paypal or creditcard

Claiming your Blog or website with Alexa made easy.

There are many ways to improve your Alexa Rank but before you begin bear in mind that there is no way to Game the system and you should not be trying to do that, so here are the legitimate ways to increase your Rank.

1. Claim your Blog or website with Alexa which should be quite easy you can follow our guide here.

2. Install the Alexa toolbar and use it.

3. Write articles on a regular basis and keep your content fresh. Aim for articles with at least 1000+ words no fluff please.

4. Write at least 5 or more times a week.

5. Grow your back link profile.

6. Encourage your Subscribers to download and use the Alexa toolbar.

7. Write an article and link to the Alexa service and spread the good word, after all service run by the well known Amazon.com, you can read more here in there disclosure.

8. Grow your website traffic and guest interactions such as commenting.

9. Install the Alexa widget similar to the one in the right sidebar.

10. Be patient and consistent, remember the higher you go the harder it will be to increase your rank even further.

The Alexa ranking system loves fresh content so after claiming your website and installing the widget, for the first three (3) months especially if your website and domain is new be sure to write regularly and create great content. This will cause your Alexa Rank to fall rapidly and you will surpass the 100 K mark with ease if you stick with it.


Can My Rank Fall!?

Unfortunately while you may put in the work to improve your rank if you do not Blog or write regularly and consistently, especially when your rank is in the millions or high end of the spectrum you will realize that after a time your rank does dramatically increase, so yes your rank can move in the opposite direction to growth if you do not consistently work on improving your website.

Rest assured though that most webmasters after attaining a high score, only create new content once per week. So after hitting your target score and you have established an audience, keeping your rank low becomes much easier.

What is your current Alexa Rank?

What’s your blogs Alexa rank now? I would like to know where you were and how much you have improved your rank over time , so leave a comment below in the comment section. You comment may help someone who just simply need guidance in improving there websites SEO with Alexa.




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  • Sierra Lee

    Ricardo, first let me say you have an awesome blog with so much information that I’m glad you’re sharing these tips. I am already familiar with Alexa and its rankings this is vital to bloggers who don’t know what its all about. You hit all the points on the head and upon discovering your site, I’ll be returning more often to assist you sharing your page to others across my many social media site. You can find me on twitter. Consistency is key to keeping your readers posted and coming for more to rank your sites as well. I’m big on SEO and ranking on the front page of Google as soon as I write many blog post. I’d like to connect more with you. Take care.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Sierra for commenting and helping to spread the word, most bloggers are unaware of the value that can be gained by improving their Alexa rank, which is a ideal way to getting their blog and contentment discovered. Looking forward to seeing you again Sierra.