How to make your way to your first $100+ payday online. 2

It would be very hypocritical of me to talk about earning an income online if I have never made 2 cents, but believe it or not there are many websites out their doing just that. Offering tips on making money online and in reality they have never made anything.

It’s my hope to point you my readers in the rite direction towards earning your first pay cheque online and possibly to earning a full time income online. Before you continue I would advise you to read this article I wrote recently on diagnosing the reason why many people don’t make a single dime online: Why can’t I make a single $1 online?

make money online

make money online

With the mindset from the above article you can now begin towards curing yourself of the disease of believing making an income online is easy. It’s not! and in case you missed it you can check out my first payday here, it was a great occasions and lucky me I got two (2) cheques on the same day, quite cool right?

OK so you are seeking fame and fortune online, well let’s get the tools of the trade, in this case they are Affiliate programs and Google Adsense. I choose affiliate marketing as it easy to get started, but earning is another matter all together and last Google Adsense as that also requires some times and patience.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate is basically an online sales person that sells or refers products of a company and gets a commission each time a sale is made. The great thing about Amazon Associates is that all you need to begin is a website or a medium to promote the Amazon products. So that’s no inventory to keep track of, all you need to do is refer great products that you are familiar with by writing in most cases an informative and useful review of a product and link to it on Amazon using your Associates code and you are done.

To sign up for the Amazon affiliate program simply click here and you will be taken to the signup page where you can read and fill in the particulars. Once you have signed up it’s simply a matter of starting to use there banners and products links to refer customers to Amazon.

Once you make your first sale through an affiliate link it will be shown in your Associates account, and best of all if customers buy any other items you will also get a commission, awesome right?

make money online

Make your way to your first $100+ dollars online.

Google Adsense

If you are into the idea of making money online you must have heard of Google Adsense which is the Internets largest and premier advertising agency which pays content creators by helping them monetize their website and content. Webmasters receive compensation when there visitors click on ads out of interest.

The best thing about Adsense is that if you have the traffic it can really pay off for you, if not then affiliate programs would be a better income earning option for now until your website or blog has grown in readership.However If you already have the content and website traffic you can simply signup for Google Adsense here.


Tips for New Associates:


1. Do not make the mistake of promoting inferior products as you will lose your commission when a product is returned because it’s defective.

2. Promote products that you have used and can vouch for, you will only get one chance to convince a reader so use that one shot well.

3. Do not simply tell readers about the product in your reviews, like any good writer draw on there emotions, let them feel what you felt the first time you received the item.

4. Use original and fresh pictures that you preferably created in high quality and link the pictures to the product on Amazon.

5. If you have a personal story about the item, tell it to your readers this will help them connect with you or better yet they might be in the very situation you were in before you discovered the product you are promoting.

6. Try to solve your readers problems e.g. Finding a discount, reliable products, deals and so on.

7. Do not be afraid to promote additional items that would make perfect accessories.

8. Never hide the fact that you are an Amazon Associate, have it displayed so your readers can see and not only for Amazon’s terms of service, loyal readers will support you.

9. Try to find great products that no one else is promoting and go to market so to speak with it.

10. Balance the use of links that you use in an article, you can end up using too much or too little. Find the sweet spot that works with your readers.


Bring it all together

If you begin with Amazon Associates and begin promoting products and follow our simple tips you will begin to see your clicks increase and eventually you will begin earning income. It can be quite easy to make $100+ dollars in a month with consistency and hard work and like any good skill this can be fine tuned until you have it down to an exact science.

Once your content and website traffic as grown then you can pursue other monetization methods such as Google Adsense to maximize your earnings.


What methods do you use to monetize your content online or thinking of using?

Monetization is a flexible field and there are many ways to make money from your content. So readers while I have listed two (2) methods above that are both popular and have great earning potential, what would you my trusted friends recommend as your top pick of methods to make cash from your website or blog?  or What are you thinking of using?


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2 thoughts on “How to make your way to your first $100+ payday online.

  • catherineholt

    I can see why many bloggers don’t make any money online. One of the reasons though is that they purely don’t stick at it long enough, thinking that blogging is magically going to be a get rich quick scheme. It definitely is not that!!

    My blogs make money in different ways. On one blog I have Google Adsense, and my own digital products for sale. The other site is purely based around one affiliate product, so I will not be adding any other form of income revenue on it.

    It really depends on what your goals are for your blog and the target audience, to assist in making the decision of how to make money with your site.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Well said catherine; the myth that Blogging is easy and will make you rich over night is way off; it takes time and patience to earn.
      Also as you said there are various approaches that you can take with diffrent websites and blogs to maximise your income. I’ts all a matter of whats works for you.