Graphene Technology will Dominate your Future.

Graphene is a super new substance that will revolutionize the way we look at technology and how we view what is possible with a line of all new super materials that seems to be limitless in its application. Graphene technology is the wave of the future and if you are not familiar with it, it will be the new buzz word that will be on every ones lips very soon.

What is Graphene

and Graphene technology?


As always to put it simply Graphene is pure or raw carbon in very thin one atom thin sheets, imagine it as a honeycomb structure comprised solely of single carbon atoms.Now the fun actually begins as the material is very strong for its density which makes it approximately 100 times stronger than steel and it can conduct both heat and electricity quite efficiently. This opens up a world of possibilities for Graphene technology and its application in modern tech and gadgets.

Soon Graphene will be in all forms of technology and changing the very way we interact with our devices. It will solve most of the current hurdles we face with our gadgets and other forms of tech.

graphene Technology

Carbon Atom Honeycomb Arrangement

 Graphene Technology Advancement potentials:

graphene Technology

The following is a list of the advantages that graphene could potentially bring our way in future of Technology:

1.  Transforming technology: Graphene has the potential to change its structure and morph into various configurations, this reads like something straight out of Transformers the movie. So that means that Graphene technology could basically morph itself to fit any computer you need, it can be the perfect all in one, instead of carrying a different device for each of your needs. It can be manipulated to take on different forms and as such once static device which were limited to their hard-coded configurations can now be changed on the fly. So new Gadgets will only be a simple software upgrade away from getting new devices with updated features instead of getting new hardware altogether.

2. Ultra Broad Band Internet: I was looking for a word that’s better than super fast to describe Graphenes ability to make current high-speed internet connections 1 million times faster than they already are. To put that into scale an internet connection that’s Graphene based could transfer a tera bit of data (1000 Gigabits) in one second, let that soak in for a minute.

3.  Super Charged Batteries: one of the most annoying things about tech is being tied to a wall outlet for charging and having to face miserable battery life and charge times as the tech gets more and more demanding on the battery. Worse of all the battery has not changed from the day they were invented. Graphene makes it possible to create batteries that can be charged in seconds all while being totally environmentally friendly. Is there anything this super material cannot do?

4. Super Filters: Due to its size Graphene can be used as an ultra filter that can be programmed to do whatever you wanted to your water, this includes removing salt from sea water and any other form of contaminant, think you could actually taste water for the first time.

5. Super Solar Cells that are Wearable:  Due to not reflecting much light it could replace current solar cell technology and create a more efficient solar cells that will be cheaper and fit in more places, including being made into clothing that essentially charges your Gadgets.

6. New wave of Biometric tech: If you are awed by the new line of wearable tech that tracks your vitals,Graphene will take this to the next level and improve monitoring of your vitals in ways you never thought possible.


If you are drooling right now as I am you have all reasons to do so, Graphene has the potential to revolutionize technology and the world much like how the Personal computer and the Micro processor did. So keep an eye out for Graphene as it will be nearly impossible to miss when it finally gets here.

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