WordPress Images do not Magnify on click Fix

I was recently doing some regular upkeep on my blog and decided to browse around on the pages to make sure that my readers were having a great browsing experience by putting myself in their shoes. I decide to test on a tutorial of mine,with the Images on the page and see if they were previewing correctly when clicked so readers could follow the instructions given in the tutorial.When I clicked on the smaller WordPress images to get the bigger version as i expected it to work,I noticed that the WordPress Images or gallery did not preview my images as I expected and where they would pop up as a neat picture frame or open in a new windows to a 100% size, clicking resulted in nothing happening.

WordPress Images

WordPress Images not Enlarging on click Fix

I was really worried now and did a few internet searches and to no avail so I decide to experiment and solve the issue myself and I finally found the solution:


Description of the WordPress Gallery not Previewing Issue


Problem: Images that are inserted into a post do not magnify or open to a larger version of the preview presented on the article page. This can affect readers in following tutorials where they need to see the pictures to follow along.

How to solve the WordPress Images not Magnifying Issue

For Images that are already inserted:

1. Go back and edit the post in question and click on the images one at a time, the following editing box will appear:

WordPress Images

Picture Editing Menu

2. Click on the pencil like icon and look for display settings in the menu that appears. Change link to from none to Media file as seen below:

WordPress Images

Display Settings

3. Remember to update the image settings and then update the article. You may now go ahead and test your images and see that when you select them they open in full preview and show the larger version as they should.

For Images that are newly Inserted:

For future images that you choose to upload as normal go to Add Media- upload files tab and select the image by browsing for it on your computer. Once uploaded select the image and in the menu to the right under: Attachment Display settings simply change: link to each time, to Media file:

WordPress Images

Attachment Display Settings

and insert as normal and your images should work just fine.


Other Things that might be causing Image or Gallery Issues


While the above solved the issue for me, other have indicated that similar issue might be caused by a plugin conflicting with your Images or Galleries so as a extra step if this does not nick the problem consider disabling your plugins one at a time until you find the one that might be conflicting with your images or galleries.

That’s it faithful readers and remember to subscribe for this and other helpful tips, the link can be found below and I hope this solved this annoying issue for you as it could be causing you to loose readers who are leaving your blog because they cannot see your pictures, as they are only showing as previews or very small.Feel free to leave a comment below, it was nice having you.

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