Interview with a Bubblews Rising Star

In today article we would like to look into the world of earning money online and how easy it can be to start earning money online right now, in most cases people only need to be pointed in the right direction. What better way to do this than to actually interview a person who has started making a consistent income online and look at how they actually achieved this and how you can also start earning right this minute.

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The platform we will be focusing on is Bubblews and in case you missed it you can actually update your self on what Bubblews is right here:. To do this we  will be interview a Bubblews rising star or Bubbler as they like to be called:

Bubblews Writer Interview


Bubblews Rising Star

Name of Interviewee: Janiel Brown

Platform Used to Earn online: Bubblews

Writers Bubblews Profile: See Profile

Website Link:

Alias: 9951

Location: Jamaica

Interview Questions:


1.How did you hear about Bubblews & eventually got started?

I heard about Bubblews from a friend, who himself was earning and I immediately was intrigued by the idea.After he had explained enough I immediately decided to sign up for an account.


2. What did you think when you first heard how Bubblews worked & how you could get paid?

I was a bit skeptical that I could start getting paid for just writing the same day after signing up. Plus I thought to myself if I could write about what I liked and get paid that would be a bonus as I was always writing and I am usually on Facebook practically doing the same thing and not earning, so it was a no brainer.


3. Did you have any difficulties after starting out?

Initially I had unknowingly broken some rules and got my account disabled,I was very disappointed and almost quit,but then I tried again being extra careful and followed all the rules.Its been smooth sailing ever since then.


4. What the is most you have made in a day?

On a average day I make $5 US and the most I have seen is $11.05 US and this is improving as I understand the system.


5. How often do you get paid?

I get paid twice per month, that’s about $100 US and improving.


6. How many successful payouts have you gotten?

I have made 4 redemption’s and they have all successfully cleared, so that’s $213 US so far.


7. How do you collect your Earnings seeing your location?

Well I collect my earnings through PayPal and then transfer to Payoneer and collect cash at my local ATM.


8. We are a bit skeptical about anyone that claims to have earned money online, can you show us proof of your income?

Sure below I have included my earnings to date, I hope this will prove to the skeptics that Bubblews is legit and that you can start earning money today or in the next few minutes.



Bubblews Bank: Current earnings






















Bubblews Earnings PayPal

9. Can you share some of your best articles that you have written on Bubbles so that others can see what it actually takes to get things going?


Sure here is my current list of top articles that I have written:

1. Breaking up with Someone

2. It dosen’t really Matter I love you

3. Finally I have Made $5 in one day.

4. I hate you then I love you.

5. Half Way to Third Redemption 


10. Do you have any tips for New or prospective users of the Bubblews platform?

I would suggest that you guys:

1. Follow the rules, be sure to read all the rules before you begin, failure to do so can result in your account being banned.

2. Stay active, that is interact with other Bubblews members as your success or failure will depend on your relationships with these people.

3. Write controversial, catchy articles that are informative, especially on things you love.

4. Avoid plagiarism and try to make your post more than the bear minimum of 400 characters.

5. Avoid posting affiliate links or illegal pictures that you do not own, if you use pictures that are a part of the creative commons make source you give credit by linking to the original.

6. Make lots of connections.


So there you have it an interview with a writer that’s earning online through the Bubblews platform and you can do it too by signing up here. It is impossible to guess every question you may have, so readers our featured Bubblews  writer is willing to answer all your questions, all you will have to do is ask in the comments and I will post her response for you guys. So ask away:

Do not sign-up for Bubblews until you Read this Latest Case Study.

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