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When we mention the term Adsense alternative most bloggers will instantly and Unapologetically tell you that there is no such thing. For one I partially agree with them as Google Adsense is the pinnacle of online advertising and content monetization, but if you are unable to make it into the program and seeking a replacement or  a second option then its always good to keep an open mind.

In this regard I then must turn your attention to the many Ad networks or cost per click (CPC) programs out there, but most Bloggers soon find that they either pay terribly or they are too shady to consider for a stable source of income. So if you are in search for a great or the best Adsense alternative then I would advise you to turn your attention to Infolinks.

What is Infolinks?

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Infolinks is an online advertising program that treats the Advertising concept in a different way than we are all accustomed to  with an aggressive Advertising model when compared to Adsense and other programs.Infolinks guarantees that such things as Ad blindness will not occur within their network with their unique Ad formats, they offer text-based Ads, InSearch, InFrame and InTag options that can be customized to suit your website or blog needs.

All and all they are a great replacement for Adsense or they can be used along with Adsense as an Additional source of income, it really depends on your motives and that of your Blog or website.


What does Infolinks pay for?


You will get paid for Ad views or Ad impressions and clicks which is quite easy to get, one can very easily accumulate high views as the Ads e.g. InText are quite visible and all a users need to do is hover there mouse over the links or click it and that results in revenue for the publisher.


How often does Infolinks update?

Infolinks updates every other day unlike adsense which updates in real time, but please note that they are two different networks and the reference to Adsense is simply as a means of giving you a clear idea of what I am speaking about.

So that essentially means that at the end of each day your earnings will only be presented to you in the coming day, so today’s report will be generated sometime tomorrow and so on.


Advantages of Infolinks

1. High Rate of views and clicks due to visibility of Ads.

2. Great earning potential if you have the traffic.

3. Responsive staff that are courteous and ready to assist

4. Easy to signup and get started.

5.Ads can be easily customized to suit your website needs.


Disadvantages of Infolinks

1. Limited Advertisers.

2. Works well in only some niches eg. making money online

3. Not so great conversion for beginners with little traffic.


How to Integrate Infolinks in WordPress?


The process of actually getting Infolinks on WordPress is quite simple and you have two 2) options:


Automatic Instillation

1. Once you have created an Infolinks account find the Integrate Tab and choose WordPress.

2. Download the Plugin which is pre-configured for you to the desktop.

3. From the WordPress dashboard go to: Plugins and Add New and upload.

4. Browse for the Infolinks file that you downloaded then upload it and activate.

That’s it after approval your Ads will show up and no additional steps are need to integrate Infolinks into your Website or Blog.


 Manual Instillation

1. From your WordPress dashboard Go to plugins and Add new.

2. In the search box type without the quotes:”Infolinks” and look for the: Infolinks Official Plugin, this should be the first or second choice, when you find it install it.

3. Remember to activate, Next go to settings in the WordPress dashboard and find: Infolinks settings.

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Infolinks Official Plugin

4. You will now need to create an infolinks account then  find your Publisher ID and your Website ID or WSID and put them into the plugin to have your Ads display.


How to find your Infolinks WSID or Wesite ID and Publisher ID?

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WSID and Publisher ID

Log into Infolinks and go to Account Tab then select from the left My Websites and your Publisher ID is visible on that page and is called PID you can copy this number and paste it to the Infolinks Official plugin within WordPress.

Your website ID or WSID can be found in the table under Site ID and if this is your first website for Infolinks do not be alarmed as your WSID will be 0, so copy this to the plugin as well and save settings. You could also add additional websites to your list in the future from here.


How to boost your Infolinks Earnings?


I would like to impart some ways that you can use to boost your Infolinks earnings:

1. Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic. Without traffic you will not earn any income through Infolinks especially if you are receiving less than about 1000 visits per day.

2. Make your InText Links are the color of your website natural link color.

3. Experiment with Double and dotted lines, Its recommended that you however use the double underline.

4. As can be seen above in the Pic for finding your WSID make sure that your website is categorized correctly, as above it says select but the correct selection would be: Computer & Electronics category which would suit my website perfectly.

5. Use all the Ad formats available: InText, InFold, InTag, and InFrame Ads and customize them to blend in with your website content.

6. Use 6 instead of 12 InText Ads or try to find the sweet spot that fits your blog without appearing too crowded.


I hope that our article has pointed you in the direction of a great Adsense alternative  that will be able to coexist with Adsense as a great means of additional income for your Blog or replace it totally. The infolinks program is getting better and better as time progresses and it will only become stronger as more and more publishers join the game, so what do you think of the Infolinks program and will you be using it as a Adsense Alternative or to complement your Blog and increase your monthly income?



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4 thoughts on “Adsense alternative Infolinks

  • infolinks1

    Hey Ricardo, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about us with all your readers! Infolinks really is a great AdSense alternative. It’s also a fantastic AdSense complement for those looking to add on to their earnings. Keep up the good work and happy blogging 🙂

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Glad to spread the word on credible means of earning a honest living online. Infolinks is a great means for Bloggers to earn extra income or simply as an Alternative the Adsense program. I must say I am very impressed with you guys and your customer service. The fact that you read this article proves that point I have never seen that done before ☆

  • Darrin Benner

    Google AdSense still stand out to be the best amongst advertisers but the fact remain getting into AdSense this day is becoming tougher every minutes even the chance of maintaining the account after approval is thin. Many bloggers don’t really depend on AdSense as their source of their online imcome despite the fact it is the best, rather they moved into affiliated and I believed these are what they first put into consideration before they finally take the decision about affilliated product they should join.

  • Ashley Jones

    To be very honest, Infolinks is not good for small publishers. I am not earning a single penny from them. But Bidvertisers and Adhexa are paying me more than $0.50 for 1000 views. They are best for small traffic websites or blogs. But if you have 1000+ daily visits from UK and USA then you should apply for they are paying much batter to Adsense. You can also apply for MadAdsMedia they are also paying good amount.