Missing Adsense Wire Transfer and what you can do

I had to record my experience with my Missing Adsense Wire Transfer and What I did to have it resolved. I know when it was happening to me I red everything I could on the Internet that could help.

Also thought to myself that I wish someone could also help out and shed some light on the situation. Unfortunately getting direct help can be hard on the Internet especially finding someone that can answer your question directly.

I decided to do this article to help others with this issue as well and answer Questions you may have to the best of my ability. So if you have a Adsense payment missing from earning you made from YouTube, Website or a combination of both then this article should help you out.

My Experience (Story)

I usually collect my Adsense Payments by another method and due to current events I had to switch payment methods. I chose Adsense Wire Transfer because it promised speed and no need to wait a long time to receive payments.

Boy was I wrong to some extent. My first Payment after figuring out the Wire Transfer form and making sure that everything was correct came within three (3) working days or 72 hours as the bank promised.

Other payments came through just fine for a while so I knew the Wire Information was correct (International Wire Transfer),then it happened. I waited the three (3) days for a payment as usual and it did not turn up in the usual time. For good measure I gave it Five (5) days and nothing suddenly and I was now worried.

Missing Adsense Wire Transfer

My Payment Went Missing!

I called my bank who will go unnamed in this article. I gave the bank the information on the payment over the phone and they looked and could not find the payment.

To be persistent I called everyday for a week based on their promise of a follow up call which they did not do in a timely manner. I forwarded the Payment Slip from Google as they asked with relevant numbers in my account and still nothing.

It was official it had been weeks and no wire payment to be found. The only hope was a proof of payment form Adsense also know by several other names by Banks such as: MT103 form, UTR,SWIFT copy,UTR Number and a bunch of other names.

Google only allows requesting this information after 15 working days by using their official :Wire Transfer Troubleshooter from Adsense or Google. So it was a unbearable period of waiting for the time to be able to use the troubleshooter.

Below I will outline all you can do to get your payment and what eventually worked for me.

Personal Message to You:

OK I know getting payments in a timely manner is important. I Also know the level of stress knowing a payment that should have turned up did not. It can also be worse if said payment normally turned up on time and quickly before but now is nowhere to be found.

This Can also be very disheartening when it feels like no one want to help from your bank, people you may know that may be able to help that work in Fiance and so on.

But hear me out here. First Google Adsense always pays and pays on time and you can be confident in that fact. Slow downs is usually on the part of the bank and that in some cases is a genuine slow down thats outside human control.

I suggest you take it easy and relax. The payment such as International Wire Transfers sent over the SWIFT network are next to impossible to be lost. Chances are the payment is simply delayed or misplaced a bit and has been sent on a ride until the bank find out whats wrong and correct their mistake if there is one.

Follow my tips below and they should help out.

What you can do to Find Your Payment?

If a Adsense Wire Transfer from Adsense is missing do the following in the order Given.

1.Do a Check with your Bank: If its been 3-5 days Call your bank up and inquire about the wire Transfer. Its best to consult your banks usual promised wire transfer time frame or your normal time frame from experience. Google Adsense Pays on time especially when they indicated that payment is sent.

This initial call you can provide the Amount your are expecting down to the cents and who its coming from which is: Google LLC. They should check right away and in some case call you back.

2.Prove Payslip from Adsense: Adsense actually provides a Payslip that you might not have recognized. To find it Go to Adsense dashboard and click on Payments in your settings, View Tranactions,Find the Payment that was sent which should say:- Automatic Payment: Wire Transfer to Bank Account….. Now click on the Blue link.

You will be on a page with a copy of your Payment Slip which includes: Payment Number, Billing ID, Payment Date, Payment method, Payment Amount and a bunch of other info.

You will need to provide this when your bank asks if you have nay further information to help find the payment. They may also ask for some number (Name may change from bank to bank). You can even tell them you have a Payment slip and provide it. Email it to the given email they provide, you can screen capture or snip the page and provide it to your bank.

3. Wait 15 Working Days: This one may sounds crazy and I know you are already worried but this is the reason for the 15 working days wait. You will need to wait this time which does not include weekends and holidays because Adsense cannot track your Payment before this.

Also you want to wait this time as your payment may turn up during this time frame. Sounds weird but trust me it may turn up in this time and I will highlight some reasons why that is. I suggest you simply mark the time on your phones calendar and wait especially if your bank took the payment slip, made checks and reported they have not found your funds.

4. Beyond 15 working days: If you have reached the 15 Working days and nothing still then fill out the : Wire Transfer Troubleshooter . It should take you to a form that you can use to get your Proof of Payment also known as: Swift copy, UTR or one of the many other names. Note you cannot request the UTR from Google until a minimum of 15 working days have passed so there is no requesting it early and thus the request to wait above.

Know that once this is provided it proves Google Adsense sent the payment and its now up to your bank to find it. It also shows where the money went directly. As long as a competent person within your bank get it they will be able to track down your lost payment.Also note that the bank may also not know what the document is. So make sure they are aware and find someone that can read the Proof of payment.

5. Keep up with your bank: I suggest you call your bank regularly and keep up on their progress especially if they promise a call back and do not do so in a timely manner. Depending on your situation this may be daily, every other day or every three days. Keep records of your calls and if possible who you talked with each time. If they claim they cant find payments even with the Swift copy or Proof of Payment from google then take it to the next step.

6.Go into your bank directly: You may need to go to the bank directly and speak to the manger or some senior personnel and be armed with a printout of your payment slip, SWIFT Copy or Proof of Payment and any other piece of info that may help.

That should escalate your situation further. Make sure to indicate all you have done to this point and the major inconvenience to say the least. From here as Google will most likely indicate after this your bank was paid and its up to them to find your payment. You will need to be persistent and keep pressing your bank to get your situation looked into properly. Trust me the Payment is in there system somewhere and only for them to find it.

What Could have happened to my money?

Its well note that a Wire Transfer is never truly lost. It can be misplaced, delayed or held up for some reason. Sounds good but for a person that’s waiting that can seem far from the truth but based on what I have experienced it seems to be true but the system need to change and improve as we are in the 21st century after all.

Here is what could have happened to the money:

1.It was misplaced and the money is sitting somewhere waiting to be found or routed to its correct destination.

2.The bank or one of the banks along the route is making security and fraud checks to make sure everything is on the up and up causing delays.Seems they don’t inform clients in these cases for security reasons.

3.A human error was made and either some information is missing from the transfer and it was misplaced in error. If you have received at least one Wire Transfer payment or multiple before its unlikely you made a mistake.

4.You made a mistake on the information you entered which results in the payment being missing or delayed. If this is your first payment by this method then this is likely. Don’t worry as it seems the bank can sometimes figure it out or return the money in some cases. If you mess up there is still a chance things may work out in your favor. (Only case to really worry is if you input the wrong Information for payment).

5.Seems bank can make money off your money when its help up until they find the end recipient or holding your money for a little time in normal transfers. This one seems unlikely especially if your bank has a good reputation or you have had good experiences in general but seems this is possible based on online info. I don’t think as well this would apply to very long holds.

Other Possibilities:

While we all want the best outcomes sometimes it can be a case that we only think a payment is missing and its not actually missing. If you are new to Adsesnse and overwhelmed by the learning curve you may have made a common mistake. If you are a experienced Adsesnse publisher this is highly unlikely for you and you can skip this part.

Mistakes such as thinking you got paid when you did not. Make sure for new Adsense publishers that you made the $100 threshold for payment. Also note that you are only paid after earnings are finalized and you should have a payment and date along with a payment receipt under payments.

So make sure for new publishers you where actually paid and that you are not mistaken. Also make sure payment did not fail or your Wire Transfer information is missing, incomplete or something like that.

What happened in My case?

In my case after constant back and forth with my bank over the phone and checks. My Adsense Payments turned up after a total of 14 Working days. So I had waited in total a long 18 days total or 3 weeks.

Before payments would reach in 3-4 working days no issue after Adsense paid. Did my bank do something? I doubt it as they checked every where within their system from the process I did above as I related to you.

My guess is that some how this time the wire transfer got mixed up some how in the system and got lost for a while until the situation rectified itself some how. Could have been a error by someone that caused it.I know the information was correct for the wire Transfer as I received multiple payments before by Wire Transfer just fine. If not that it could have been they were doing some extra check and did not indicate they were.

At the end of the day who can tell. It could have been anything and thank God things worked out and the payment found its way to its intended destination. If I get a explanation from the Bank I will add it to the article but I doubt they did anything directly this time, could even be that they sent the Payment slip I sent over to someone who was able to locate the funds and fixed it.

What can you take from this situation?

I would suggest you do not worry. Do everything you can from your side so your bank can be aware of the situation. Also make sure you stay on them so they can give your situation priority and resolve the situation in a timely manner.

You may never know as your persistence may be the nudge they need to make the appropriate check and speed up the process of getting your money found. Also you proving the Payment slips and documentation may free up your payment in cases where they are holding the money for security checks and proving the source of the income may be what they need to quietly release your payment.

Have a question or simply want to share your story or want help from me in any way I can? Comment below and I will help you in any way I can. Let this article be a resource to help others even if its to put someones mind at ease as they seek to solve their problem.

After all you worked hard for your Adsense payment and shouldn’t your bank make the process of getting your payment as efficient as possible.

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