The Hobbit the battle of the five Armies

The Hobbit the battle of the five Armies trailer was released yesterday July 28,2014 and is one of most anticipated movies of the year yet. The trailer has quickly picked up steam with 4 Million views and counting.It will be produced by Warner Bros Pictures naturally and directed by renowned film maker Peter Jackson. This is the third and final movie in the trilogy.

The third installment picks up where the last movie left off and we all know exactly where that was. The trailer highlights the devastation unleashed by the all powerful Smaug as he desolates Lake-town in wake of being  angered by Bilbo and the team.

Thorin who has now reclaimed his birthright is now driven to the brink of madness with is newly found treasure trove and power. Battle Lines are drawn as conflict builds between all the races. But none sees the true darkness that builds in the shadows that threatens them all except Gandalf who fights desperately to keep the forces of evil at bay.Bilbo is engaged in the fight of his life as he must do whats right and save his friends and all of middle earth,

The movie is scheduled for release December of this year,The hobbit the battle of the five armies promises to be the defining chapter in the war for middle earth that will set the stage for The Lord of the rings in fine and glorious cinematic style. 


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