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Factory reset Android Tablet 36

Every Android tablet user will eventually run into an issue where they will need to Factory  reset Android tablet for some reason simply because their tablet is not working and there is no physical reset button, this is true for all brands of tablets especially the generic brands that have become popular as of lately. […]

factory reset android tablet

how to return items to amazon

How to Return items to Amazon 3

It’s never an easy thing when a product does not meet expectation or outright fails and it needs to be returned. Its is a sad fact but every one every now and again will run into a situation when dealing with Amazon that they will need to return a defective or none-functioning item, but the […]

Super cool cheap stuff on Amazon

If you are in search of affordable cheap stuff on Amazon then you have come to the right place, whoever thought that great value cannot be found at around a few bucks US has not done his or her research. We have combed the store in search of the best values on cheap things on Amazon […]

cheap stuff on amazon

free online games no download

Best free online games no download required

Its really annoying when you have to sower the internet and searching for:”free online games no download” and getting less than favorable game titles well if you are searching for free games that do not require you to download or install them then you have come to the right place. We have created a list […]